The Ultimate Beauty Hack Of Katrina Kaif For Her Glowing Skin

Hello, beauties!

Invade into the world of Katrina Kaif’s beauty! <3


Katrina Kaif is one of the most beautiful actresses we have in our Indian film industry. She is just like a barbie doll- flawless to the core! Right from her hair to her skin, she is one in a billion.


This actress has always kept her beauty and personal life a secret but with the latest entry to Instagram, she has started spilling the beans.

In her latest Instagram video, Katrina shares one of the most used beauty hack that she uses to wake up on a lazy Sunday. This not only revives her beauty and glow of the skin but also makes her skin fresh and pepped up all through the day.


In the video, she is shown to dip her face into a bowl of Ice water several times and everytime she looks fresher than before.



Skin experts recommend ice better for your facial skin than hot water. There are numerous benefits of ice on the face which can make your whole skin look fresh and revived. It imporves blood circulation in the skin after reducing any sort of redness or irritation. The skin becomes calmer and even the signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles also dissapear.

Katrina surely knows how to pamper her skin on a lazy Sunday morning! Way to go. 🙂


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