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VLCC Almond Honey Body Lotion Review

Hello, beautiful people! Summer is in the house but that doesn’t imply that body lotion is out of your skin care regime. Body lotion is an integral part and parcel of skin care regime because our body needs as much moisture as our face, even more than that sometimes! We care for our face, scrub it, apply face pack, go for facials and what not but when it comes to body care, we simply use a soap or a body wash and that’s it? Well, surely not enough. We need to moisturise our body in the same proportion and so I came up with this body lotion by the well-known brand VLCC and that is the VLCC Almond Honey Body Lotion. Dig in!

VLCC almond honey body lotion

What does the brand claim about VLCC Almonds Honey Body lotion:

  • For supple, moisturised and youthful skin
  • This light, non-greasy lotion is enriched with Pure Almond Oil and Honey
  • Nourishes skin to help retain elasticity, Leaves skin glowing and youthful

How to use VLCC Almonds Honey Body Lotion:

Apply liberally all over the body focussing on dry area. This non-greasy formulation can be used as often as required.

VLCC almond honey body lotion 1


255 INR for 350 ml

Shell life:

3 years


Active ingredients are:

  • Pure Almond Oil
  • Honey
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Liquorice

Other ingredients are mentioned below.

VLCC almond honey body lotion 2


The VLCC Almond Honey Body Lotion comes in a pump packaging which is white in colour. As I purchased the biggest size, I got this pump packaging which is not present in the smaller versions. All the information is written on the pack itself including a detailed ingredient list. The claims that it is vegetarian and not tested on animals is again mentioned. So overall, this bottle has a convenient packaging according to me!


Very smooth and light weight. Easily to apply and gets absorbed easily.


Medium consistency. Neither too thick nor flowing. The perfect lotion consistency.


This has a very sweet fragrance. Though artificial, I love the smell a lot.

VLCC almond honey body lotion 3

How do I feel about VLCC Almonds Honey Body Lotion:

VLCC Almond Honey Body lotion is my first product from the brand VLCC and to be very frank, I expected a bit more from it. As I have dry skin, very few body lotions actually moisturise my skin for a long time and surely, this is not one of them. I will say this will be a perfect summer lotion for me as it is non-greasy and non-sticky in nature. It can be a good body lotion for oily skin family during winters. This is a body lotion that I will surely not use in winters.

This works on my body for 2-3 hours post which I have to reapply again. This body lotion gets absorbed really easily and no white cast is seen. I won’t say I dislike the body lotion, just that I can’t use it in winters. I am using this product now and I am quite happy with the nourishment part.


  • Affordable
  • No animal testing
  • Contains almond and honey
  • Pump packaging (though only in this size)
  • vegetarian
  • good for oily skin
  • Good for dry skin in summers or spring season
  • Gets absorbed well
  • Non-greasy formula
  • No white case


  • Contains parabens
  • Not good for dry skin in winters
  • In summers, can be too greasy for oily skin family.


VLCC almond honey body lotion 4



This VLCC Almond Honey Body Lotion is a good option to go for in summers for dry skin and can be a good go-to body lotion. This can be an one time try if you love VLCC products.

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