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Why Do We Get Split Ends On Our Hair?

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Frustrated with Split ends and still no clue what causes split ends? Here’s a post you need to read!


What Is Split Ends/ Split Ends Meaning?

Before jumping to any remedies whatsoever, let me give you a quick overview of the term ‘split ends’. Many people mistake split ends for damaged and frizzy hair which is actually not the only thing. The meaning lies in the name itself – ‘SPLIT ENDS – Ends of hair that is split or divided into two.’ Well, that’s exactly what split ends mean.

When a hair is excessively dry and damaged, the end of the hair tends to be divided into two parts which is called split ends. We often take this issue for granted but in reality, we should take care and be concerned about this problem that can be grave in the long run.

The difference between Frizzy Hair And Split Ends:

We often confuse between frizzy hair and split ends. There is a pool of difference between frizzy hair and split ends. Split Ends occur at the lower portion of your hair – ends to be precise and frizzy hair occurs on the top. Frizzy hair makes your hair look unmanageable and like a jungle on your head but no such issue occurs with split ends.


Why Do You We Get Split Ends On Our Hair/ Split Ends Cause?

There are a number of reasons that can cause split ends. We say prevention is better than cure and so we should prevent split ends as it is relatively easier to prevent the problem than repair it. When asked about the causes of split ends., we had a number of reasons:


Brushing Hair too often: One of the major reasons for getting split ends is to brush hair often (more than required). We admit that brushing your scalp increases blood circulation but that doesn’t imply that you will keep on brushing your hair all day and night. I have seen many brushing their hair hundreds of times and that is one of the major reasons of split ends. We should remember that our hair is made of delicate fibre that can be damaged and break if we brush it too often.


Colouring Hair Often: yes! Sad but true. Every colour we use contains Ammonia or some or the other harmful products that can damage our hair and cause split ends. Colouring hair often can make you look like a diva but can surely give loads of pain to your tresses. Frequent colouring also makes hair brittle and prone to damage. Split ends are surely one of the major sadness that can result.


Rubbing With Towel: Not only for split ends, rubbing with a towel is surely one of the worst punishments you can give to your hair. It breaks hair shafts and also can make hair prone to excessive damage and brittleness. However soft and delicate your towel might be, always pat to make hair dry.


Using Rubber Bands: Tying hair is a must for all your beautiful hair styles but who said to use those skinny rubber bands? Using rubber bands can not only break your hair by getting tangled with them but also can make hair prone to split ends. You can always prevent split ends by using a thick and cloth made rubber band.


Ill-treatment of hair: Not conditioning hair properly and using hair mask is surely one of the big deals for your hair. You can feel that your hair will be greasy but trust me, without conditioners, your hair will lose all shine and smoothness which can make it feel like blah! Split Ends is surely one of the results of dry hair.

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