Working Out At Home As A Stay At Home Mom

I love to stay fit.  I’ve started running in high school and at age 48 haven’t stopped yet.  Though I have joined gyms (mostly to use their treadmills during inclement weather), my favourite place to workout is at home.  I’m a single mom, a business owner running an alpaca ranch, and I recently started making extra money writing on the side.  Since my daughter and all my farm animals are here, my heart is also at home.  What better place to work out than in the safety and comforts of my home.  I’ve written this article to hopefully encourage other people by saying it is possible to stay fit without joining a gym.

Here are some tips that I’ve put together to make a successful home-based workout station.


Schedule a Time Every day to Workout


If you want your workout to happen, then schedule it in just like you would for any other important appointment.   For many people, morning works best.  It would for me too, except first I need to feed our farm animals. Then my daughter gets breakfast and we start homeschool.  So I work around the priorities of the day, with an intentional time set for me to workout somewhere around noon each day.  It works for my family and my schedule so that’s when I do it.  Find a time and schedule it in. Don’t miss this very important appointment with yourself.


Keep Distractions Down


Make sure to keep distractions like social phone calls off limits during your workout time.  If you were in a fitness class or in the pool at a fitness club, you’d most likely have your phone in your locker or it would be with ringer off at the gym.  Make sure to also limit distractions during your at home exercise time.


Pick a Fitness Routine


If you don’t have an exercise of choice picked out yet, here are some great home based activities: Walking, running, cross-country skiing, video workouts (I do one every day), and callisthenics.  The main thing is to pick something and stick with it.  It may seem hard and be challenging to get that routine going, but if you stick with it, soon your routine will become a habit.  A good habit.  Exercising will become second nature and you will find yourself going through a routine just like you wake up each day.


Involve Your Kids


I know a lot of mom’s want that “me” time to workout.  And that’s ok too. But some ideas to involve your kids that you might want to consider, are doing a video workout together.  I run every day, either in my back field or on a Walmart bought a treadmill that is going strong with over 16,000 miles on it!  It has paid it for itself many times over in not needing to pay a gym membership.  When I finish my running which is around 50 minutes or so a day, my daughter has a Beachbody 25 minute workout ready to go as soon as I step off of the treadmill.  We love working out together to our daily videos.  I like knowing she is making healthy choices and finding the joy in staying fit and working out.  When she was little, I’d push her in a baby jogger stroller.  She’s been by my side as I worked out for the last 12 years since she was born.  The role that you set for your kids will be remembered when they are adults. This goes for working out and for your other life choices like work ethic and diet. You can also keep a trampoline
at home and get on it with your little one. Check over here for the best trampolines for home.

Final Thoughts


I hope that I encouraged you to know that you can stay fit and workout without a gym membership.  It isn’t going to matter so much as what exercise you pick to do, just so long as you do it.  Set up that routine at home until it becomes a healthy habit.  And don’t forget to enjoy all of the extra time (and money) that you will have by not driving to a gym and back each day.