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Hello to all my lovely visitors,

As the title says, we are accepting “GUEST POSTS”Β from our fellow bloggers and believe me! We value your posts.

But we have some small conditions: (Please do follow)

  1. You must be a Blogger having your own blog.
  2. Content should be unique and not even a single line copied. (Not even from your own blog dear!)
  3. Word Limit is above 750. The more the merrier πŸ™‚
  4. You can provide a link to your blog and even to some of your posts (Not more than 2).
  5. The content should be user-friendly and should be related to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, skin care, D.I.Y and natural hacks. We don’t accept posts that don’t cater to our genre. And also, make sure there are no grammatical mistakes.
  6. You should love your writing. Promote it as far as possible with your social media.
  7. We can edit your posts, if necessary.
  8. If you are borrowing someone’s picture or words, don’t forget to give due credit.
  9. And lastly, Don’t forget to say a Hi even when you stop by the next time. We believe in making connections and relations!! πŸ™‚

I hope these little requirements sounds good to you guys.

If you are reading this far and are interested do shoot us a mail

Mail Id: bellesmakeupsite@gmail.com

We read all our emails and will reply back within 24 hours.

With lots of love and warm regards

Riya πŸ™‚